Tiger Horoscope 2023 – true predictions

2023 is the Year of the Tiger according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Water Tiger, starting from the 2023 Chinese New Year on Feb. 1 and lasting to 2023 Lunar New Year’s Eve on Jan. 21. The Tiger ranks third in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs. The Years of the Tiger include 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2023, 2034… Tigers, considered to be brave, cruel, forceful, and terrifying, are the symbol of power and lordliness in Chinese culture. In ancient times, people usually compared emperors or kings with the tigers. Tigers are also considered as a patron deity for children and parents will prepare the shoes and hats with tiger designs for their babies. The Chinese zodiac Tiger sign entitles people born in the Years of the Tiger to be natural leaders. They are adventurous, ambitious and have a strong sense of justice, but maybe also a little arrogant and impetuous. Earthly Branch of Birth Year: YinWu Xing (The Five Elements): Mu (Wood)Yin Yang: Yang Tiger Horoscope 2023 – the best horoscope on this topic is here.


The health fortune of the Tigers will not be very good this year. The advent of the ominous/sickness star sign will directly affect the physical and mental health. In particular, the Tigers born in 2010, 1962, and 1974 will have relatively poor health condition. As such, they should concern the liver and gallbladder problems, muscle problems, and mental stress. The Tigers should try not to participate in funerals this year, try not to eat funeral/sacrifice food, and pay attention to the diet hygiene when dinning out just to prevent gastrointestinal problems. For the elderly Tigers, it is necessary to prevent fall injuries, and be careful with their personal safety especially when going out. Tiger Horoscope 2023 – read in this post!

Tiger horoscope 2023

Health and expenses will be mixed, therefore avoid excessive spending because you will pay it with stress. You just need to be responsible and reasonable. You will have headaches, a product of stress, and you will be prone to minor accidents or operations. Tiger Horoscope 2023 – true and free horoscope here!


The Year of the Tiger is the perfect time for Tigers to work on plans for their family and home life. Couples with at least one Tiger, who also want to have a child, would do well to make plans for that now. If you are looking to have a biological child, make any preparations necessary and then try to conceive. Tiger women should have lucky and healthy pregnancies this year. Families that want to adopt should begin their search for a child this year. Planning improvements for the home or making plans to move to a new home will flow smoothly this year. Make your plans and save up your money for these things this year. The upcoming years will give you the opportunities to move forward with these plans.


A Tiger will have a wonderful social life in the 2023 Chinese year of the black water tiger. They will have many opportunities to meet new people. This can bring luck in love to single Tigers but bring temptation to coupled Tigers. Single Tigers, there is no saying how many new faces you will see this year. Your charm and confidence will help you to woo potential partners. However, be careful, as there is no saying if these relationships will be long-lasting or just a fling. Coupled Tigers would do their best to keep all new relationships platonic unless looking for trouble with their current partner.

Tiger predictions 2023

This year, the career of the Tiger will only be viewed as “ordinary and bland”, and it will be difficult for them to make breakthrough in career development. Only by doubling their efforts can they make breakthroughs in their career development. It will be very difficult for the Tiger guys to get promotion, and it will need them to exercise great potential to get promoted. This year, they should pay more attention to get along well with their supervisors and leaders as well as maintain a harmonious relationship between superiors and subordinates in the workplace. To improve your luck in career in 2023, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Tiger sign. 


For people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Tiger, such two star groups as “ominous/illness star sign” and “love lucky star” will not have much power and impact on the financial luck in 2023. As such, it will be more difficult for the Tiger to gain wealth from either full-time or part-time or expected sources. In particular, in terms of part-time fortune, they should not force themselves to gain it. Gambling should be avoided. It’s better to save money and develop steadily. The Tiger should not change jobs at will. In terms of business, it will be ordinary. It is very risky for them to start up a business. If they have a certain amount of money, they can invest some money in financial management. For female, better wear a yellow citrine bracelet with Tiger sign in 2023 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Tiger sign. 


Tigers will be lucky in wealth in 2023. They will likely come into extra cash this year. This is a great year to take out investments to earn even more money. However, it is not wise to spend extra money if you are still trying to pay off debts. Tigers would do well to use whatever money they can to reduce their debts in 2023 so that their financial situation will be even better in years to come.


As the Tigers are born leaders, they have an excellent organization ability and brilliant communication skills, and thus becoming a successful politician will be less difficult compared to others. Besides the ability to lead, they are also confident and fearless to face various challenges with lower anxiety, so that adventurers and bankers are among the best jobs for the Tigers. They also like figures and think logically, along with a flexible mind, all of which help them to win a job like an economist. 


For the adult Tigers, they are healthy and energetic, and even sometimes exhausted, they can recover soon. However, for the middle-aged Tigers, the symptoms accumulated through overworking will gradually show up, especially in digestive and respiratory systems. Also, long-term stress may cause some disorders. It is advised to take regular exercise and keep a balanced diet as most of the Tigers have a dietary preference for sweet foods. Change to a healthier diet and take in more high-fiber fruits and vegetables.


Zodiac signYear of BirthPredictionWood Tiger1914, 1974Avoid investing money in speculations based on rumours. Fire Tiger1926, 1986 A year in which you will take everything easy and you will enjoy with your family. Metal Tiger1950, 2010A year to establish, strengthen or make conservative assessments. & abilities. Earth Tiger1938, 1998You will be attracted to someone special. Divine knowledge from a saintly person provides solace & comfort. Water Tiger1962Hard work of previous years brings good fortune enabling to fulfil monetary promises.In 2023, you will feel quite nervous about everything that has to do with your emotional life. Determined to change what no longer suits you, you will make a pleasant set-up that will allow you to resume your relationships with more conviction. If you maintain a relationship, your story could experience a new blow, and passion will return to your life and provide you with great happiness. If you are single, you will meet someone who will turn out to be particularly important. Do not think about it and give it a chance to enter your life.

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